Fall Protection


Psalms 37:24

Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.


There are several fall protection belts that are available out there for climbing poles. Here is a list of them that I pulled off the OSHA website. Buckingham Buck squeeze, Miller Stop Fall, Jelco Pole Choker, Scepter Pole Shark, Bashlin Pole Lariat, Bashlin Patriot. There are many other devices that can accomplish the same process, that are commercially available today. They have but one purpose, and that is to keep the line worker from falling from the pole. You may experience a cut out or a slip, but you will not fall to the ground, if you properly operate the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


When working in backyards and other tight working areas, this is an important fact. I have heard of accidents where the line worker has fallen in the backyard and landed on a fence or other obstacle, injuring their backs, and other injuries. These devices will help, with those types of accident. I know in the “old school” method where some of us have learned, we didn’t have these devices to help us from falling. We learned to climb, or we fell, that was our learning curve. But today we have so much more, to be thankful for, with all the new fall protection equipment, backyard buggies, and other equipment designed for the job. Falls are the number one accident according to OSHA, either from the same level or different levels. Therefore, OSHA mandates fall protection when climbing poles and working out of buckets.


When a line worker is injured due to a fall, it’s tough getting back on track. Falls not only affect the body, it will affect the crew, and his family also. Depending on the injuries sustain, he may bounce right back or have permanent damage to himself. Using the fall protection device, whichever you decide to use, will help to eliminate or reduce the injury to the line worker.  When we are filling out our pre-job briefing, and we are using the fall protection it should be put in the briefing. Take out the fall equation, and everyone has a great day.


Our scripture above talks of a fall, and how the Lord will keep him from destruction. The scripture records Adam and Eve in their fall from a close relationship with God.  In our spiritual walk with God, it is the Lord’s hand that keeps us from falling each day. Even if we trip or stumble, we will not be utterly cast down (destroyed). The Lord is my “fall protection” in life. There are many opportunities to stumble, trip, or fall in your everyday adventures. Some days you can see the tripping hazards, other days they catch you by surprise.  Nevertheless, whatever the occasion that is set before us, we can overcome. Our goal in life is never to let anything cause us to fall away from God. We may not agree with everything that we come in contact within this world or church, but we don’t have to let it hinder our walk with God. When possible let us walk this life with as few slips and falls, as possible.



Lord help us to understand that our walk with you may include a few stumbles, maybe even a fall. Lord we know even if we fall, we will not be destroyed.  That you will help us to recover, refocus, and restart our life. A fall doesn’t mean that we will never get up, it only means that we’re down for a few minutes, till we can get back up. Lord you are my fall protection in life. Help us to realize that without you Lord, that our life is a chance where anything can happen.