Romans 14:12

So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

One of the things I know is that the power company will send me a monthly bill. It will give an account of what I have used in power for that month. I can also look on the bottom of the bill to see what I have used for the previous months. The bill will show me which months I used more power, and, normally, it will depend on the weather. Some months are colder and we used the heater; other months, it’s hot and we used the air conditioner. No matter what is going on in the house, the meter records the electrical consumption. The technology these days is mind-blowing to say the least. They can turn the meter off at the house for non-payment, and not even be in the neighborhood.


Scripture tells us that we will give an account of the life that we have lived on earth. Whether good or bad we shall receive rewards, for those things which we have done in our life time. It’s just like the electric meter that records the power that we use; we will answer for our actions. If we use too much power, we will have to pay a large electric bill. If we don’t have the money, they will turn off your power. If we have a relationship with God, he will help us to pay for those things that we have done in life. The good news, when you give your heart to God, he has paid that price of your life, so your sin is forgiven. Let us watch how we live our lives day to day, knowing that we will give an account of our actions.



Lord, let me live each day in the fear of the understanding that I will give an account of my actions. Let me start today to treat everyone with respect, help those that need it, and be thoughtful of others. Help me to be slow to anger, and fast to forgive.  No matter what will come into my life today, I know that I can make it through with your help. Strengthen me today to treat others as I wish to be treated, even if they are different than me. Let me always have a cooperating spirit within me, to help others as you have helped me, in Jesus name.

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