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I Will Look Up!






Psalms 121:1-2

I will lift mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.


My help cometh from the Lord, which made the heaven and earth.


The individual or company that first came up with the concept of the digger derrick truck, made the lineman’s life easier. It has improved over the years with all the attachments that have been added. Before taking the boom out of the rack we should, follow the manufacturers and the company rules for setting the truck’s out-riggers down. We also should follow our company’s policy for safe operation of every piece of equipment that we operate on the crew. Another general rule of operating a digger truck, when we take it out of the cradle, would be to always look up for power lines. There have been several accidents where failure on the part of the crew or operator to look up, has resulted in fatalities. There are times when we should all pitch in and survey the surroundings to determine safe operations.  If we look up and see the hazards, we can avoid any tragedy. Looking up will help in our everyday operations of the digger derrick truck for crew safety.

Our scripture above was written by a servant that needed help in his circumstances. He realizes that he could not do it himself, he needed to look up to someone who had everything in control. In everyday life we can only accomplish certain tasks within our own power. There are times when we need, God to intervene in a circumstance or needs in our lives or the lives of our families and friends. The psalmist writes here that his help comes from the Lord. By looking up, it is a sign to God, that I surrender the need to him. We give the situation to God; he will provide a much-needed help in times of trouble.



Lord help me to know, always to look up when taking the digger derrick out of its stored position. Lord when things in my life begin to surround me, Lord let me always look up to you for direction and comfort. I know that I have my limitations, and that you always know what is right for me in my everyday life. Lord keep me from the danger of life and keep my feet on the right path of life. In Jesus name I pray!




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