Additive or Subtractive


 Psalms 133:1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!


The standard type of transformer that you hang in a residential area, additive or subtractive, would be a 120/240 secondary voltage. When wired correctly it will achieve the recommended voltage that is applied, by a ratio of primary to secondary voltage. Additive transformers as you look at the secondary bushings from left to right are marked X3, X2, and X1. While looking at a subtractive transformer, from the left bushing to right bushing would be X1, X2, and X3. The X2 bushing in the center is the neutral connection and is always case grounded. The voltage reading between X3-X2 would be 120 and the voltage reading between X1-X2 would be 120. If you check the voltage reading between X3-X1, the voltage would be 240. It will operate at nominal voltage as designed.

The transformer is a unique piece of equipment which can produce any voltage, as long as the right transformer is installed. Ratio of transformers would be determined by dividing the primary voltage by the secondary voltage. For example a 7200 transformer with a 120/240 secondary voltage would have a 60 to 1 ratio.

 In other words, for every 60 volts of primary going in the high side bushing, it will product 1 volt on the secondary bushing.  60 X 120 = 7200 volts.


Our lives are very much like these transformer we can add things to our lives or take them away. If we are wired correctly in Christ, we can produce the same power every time. Not all people are the same; some are additives, some are subtractive. Even though they can product the same voltage when checked, sometimes they don’t work well together.  It may take years to find the right people to make a good crew. We have to find the right connection and stay with what works. Also, the ratios by which we live, dictate how much we allow of God is in us. If we are not functioning at 100%, we have neglected our prayer time.



Lord, help me to add the things in life that are pleasing to you, so I can become what you want me to become. Those things that are displeasing, let me remove them, so I can walk without stumbling through life. Lord, help to keep the right ratio of prayer time in my life, so that I can achieve what you have designed for me.

Single Phase_Single Bushing Transformer.JPG