The Book of Amos

Lesson 33


The Man:

Amos, the author of this Book, was a Layman. He was a herdsman (1:1 and 7:14-15). The Lord called him to prophesy to the Northern Kingdom of Israel chiefly and the whole house of Jacob (3:1,13). He ministered during the reign of Uzziah, King of Judah, and Jeroboam, King of Israel.


The Central Message:

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (3:3)


The Structure of the Book:


  • Judgment of Surrounding Nations:   Chapters 1:1-2:3

    • Judgment against Syria for cruelty- 1:3-5.

    • Judgment against Philistia for selling Israelites into slavery in Edom-1:6-8.

    • Judgment against Phoenicia for breaking their covenant with Israel-1:9-10.

    • Judgment against Edom for causing Israel to suffer-1:11-12.

    • Judgment Ammon for violence against Israel-1:13-15.

    • Judgment against Moab for injustice-2:1-3.


  • Judgment of Judah and Israel:  Chapters 2:4-6:14

    • Judgment against Judah for despising the law-2:4-5

    • Judgment against Israel for immorality-2:6-16.

    • God’s Charge against the whole house of Israel-the 12 tribes-3:1-6:14.


  • Visions of the Future: Chapters 7-9 

    • Vision of the grasshoppers-7:1-3.

    • Vision of the fire-7:4-6

    • Vision of the plumline-7:7-17

    • Vision of basket of summer fruit- 8

    • Vision of the Lord at the Altar-9:1-10

    • Future Kingdom and David’s Tabernacle-9:11-15

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